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At Overview, we believe security systems should prevent intrusion, not merely detect it. The OVERVIEW security system has been created as an intelligent, community-based security system (Patent Pending) for homes and businesses that detects and deters intruders before the intrusion occurs. This unique system merges the best in outside perimeter protection with virtual technology and social connectivity tools. Using a smart application installed on any mobile or connected device, the OVERVIEW security system notifies its user of a perimeter breach or a potential threat as soon as it happens.


Using their extensive experience in developing technology and commercializing products for the global security market, the founders of the OVERVIEW security system have developed a unique product that presents a viable and affordable solution to the problem of property intrusion and personal safety.

Keeping You Safe Through Connection

The OVERVIEW security system operates as part of a community network, connecting its members and thereby strengthening the overall security of that community, whether it’s a street, a neighborhood or even a city. When multiple OVERVIEW security systems are installed within such a community, they provide a comprehensive detection and response solution, allowing members (including public authorities) to issue, evaluate and respond to alerts and ultimately reduce criminal activity. The OVERVIEW security system significantly enhances personal safety and property protection and has the potential to create safer living communities around the world.

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